Livestock farming of the future, today.

Ovis 21 is a B Corp dedicated to the regeneration of grasslands and increasing the profitability of businesses. It provides training, consulting and product certification services. As a Hub of the Savory Institute it specializes in Holistic Management and has great experience in sheep and wool. It´s developed and manages a network of innovative land managers, technicians and related industries to improve the economic, ecologic, social and human sustainability of families, businesses and communities.

Ovis 21

Ovis 21 promotes a culture of grassland regeneration and biodiversity so the land will sustain people, their businesses and communities through education, training and coaching in Holistic Management. case studies.


OVIS 21 has made an alliance with Patagonia Inc. and the Nature Conservancy to put 15 million acres (6 million hectares) under regenerative and sustainable grazing.